1 system, 2 fixtations, 3 ways to mount

diagonally - horizontally - vertically

display top or base of your board

foolproof installation

illustrated instruction guide

fits all snowboards

black or white


worldwide shipping

banktransfer - bitcoin



€ 14



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Two (yes, only 2!) subtile fixations, that's what makes Boarddock a one-of-a-kind

system. The subtle design of the fittings makes it look as if your board floats against your wall.


The unique design of the Boarddock fittings makes it possible to mount snowboards in 3 different ways. Mount your board horizontally, vertically or diagonally with the same 2 brackets.


Mount that piece of art, your board deserves a better place than your dusty attic. Boards can be mounted displaying top or base side, as you prefer. When displaying the top, bindings (and boots!) can be kept on your snowboard. Create your very own snowboard gear storage wall!


There is no need to loosen any screws when taking your board out of the Boarddock, just tilt your board a bit and take it out on your next boarding trip. Order your set at the bottom of this page, and mount your snowboard easily thanks to our foolproof instruction guide


More information on product, shipping and installation, check the FAQ.



Colin M. from United Kingdom (16 September 2013)
Many thanks for the Board wall fittings I ordered. Quick response and delivered in just over a week. Fitted two of my docks easily and have done the job great :-)
To anyone thinking of these docks to mount your snowboard on the wall, yes they are easy and great to fit, do just what it says on the webpage. Will recommend to friends alike.
Robert B. from United Kingdom (16 September 2013)
Eye catching piece
I found out about the boarddock from a topic on a UK snowboarding forum where members were discussing options for displaying snowboards. I too was in search of a way to both store my snowboard during the summer, but also display it in all it's awesomeness. Many members were keen to advise the Rixon Boarddock as the the simple, cost effective product to use.

I logged onto the website to investigate further. The website is rather simple, but easy to use. I was a little disappointed that I was unable to view the installation instructions on the website before ordering as I would have liked to get an idea of how difficult the system is to install before ordering, but I went off other buyers reviews and trusted that it would be easy to install.

The package arrived shortly after placing my order and could easily fit through the letterbox so I didn't have to be home for the delivery. Inside were a link to the instructions and all the parts required to install the system. It was very easy to install just as other users had said. Users may be surprised, as I was, that there are only 2 tabs included, it doesn't seem a lot to hold what can be a heavy snowboard on a wall, but it works!

I opted for the horizontal layout above my sofa. It looks great and creates a great eye catching piece as you walk into my living room. Overall I'm very happy with the product and would be another user who would recommend it to anyone looking for a snowboard wall mount at a reasonable price.

Lukas W. from Germany (16 Sep 2013)
wunderschöne Board einfach in meinem Zimmer aufhängen
als ich dieses Jahr mein erstes Snowboarboard gekauft habe, dachte ich mir: Ich muss dieses wunderschöne Board einfach in meinem Zimmer aufhängen, dass es jeder sieht! ... Die Frage war nur wie. Ich machte mir erste Gedanken, wie ich das am Besten anstellen würde und überlegte schon mir selbst eine Halterung zu basteln. Dann habe ich jedoch von eurer Seite im Internet erfahren und mir die Seite genauer angeschaut. Alle Kunden waren hoch zufrieden und das Video + Musik auf eurer HP gefiel mir auch, da dachte ich mir, wieso nicht und bestellte gleich zwei Halterungen. Eine für mich, eine für meine Freundin. Die Ware kam auch ziemlich schnell an. Bis jetzt hebt die Halterung sehr gut und ich hatte noch keine Probleme, also großes Lob! :)
Liebe Grüße aus Deutschland Lukas







    Can you mount the Boarddock on any wall?
Almost every wall is suitable. There is one thing you should check: if you don’t have firm walls (e.g. plaster walls) you should adjust the mounts on the supporting beams behind the wall.

 Can I mount other boards with this system?
We only tested it on snowboards so we can’t guarantee it for any other boards. But we already received pretty awesome pictures from customers that mounted their skimboards, wakeboards, skateboards, kiteboards, ski's and hunting trophees with it. Check the pictures and decide for yourself!

How can I mount my snowboard? The Boarddock- wall mount uses only two subtle fixations. Snowboards can be mounted in a horizontal, vertical or diagonal way with one and the same system. Both the top or the base (In case you didn't mount your bindings on your snowboard) of the board can be displayed.

How do I get access to the Instruction Guides
In your confirmation e-mail you will receive a password that gives access to our illustrated fool proof instruction guides. Please use the spaces between the number or the password will not work.

Will the Boarddock damage my snowboard? The wall fittings have been developed from a strong but soft material so there’s no chance of any damage to the snowboard. 




 From where will the boarddocks be send? 

The Boarddock company makes use of 3 different distribution point:

- Boarddock USA

- Boarddock The Netherlands

- Boarddock UK

Your order will be sent from the distribution point closest to your home 

 What are the shipping costs?  
 EuropeOutside Europe
1-4 boarddocks € 4,99€ 4,99
5-10 boarddocks€ 6,99€ 6,99
 <10 boarddocks Please contact usPlease contact us


 How long does the shipping usually takes?Your order will be shipped from the moment we receive your payment. You will receive an e-mail when your orders has been shipped. Shipping takes normally between 2 and 7 workingdays.

Is it possible to pick the boarddocks up at one of the distribution points? At Boarddock.com we try to keep prices low, for this reason the distribution points are not constantly manned.   



  What do I get when I order a Boarddock? You receive everything*  needed to mount your snowboard rightaway: 2 Boarddock-fittings, 2 plugs, 2 inox screws and acces to our foolproof installation guide.
* Package does not contain a snowboard though.

  How can I pay? Order your Boarddock(s) and by proceeding to the check out you will have 4 options: Paypal, Visa or Bitcoin (with Bitpay). Choose the option you prefer and follow the instructions. We accept Visa and Mastercard. Please keep the details of your credit card institution, the name of the credit card holder, the credit card number and the date of expiry ready. This information is required for the ordering process.  For Paypal you just need to know your Paypal login details. Payment with Bitcoins works with a QR code, this is the cheapest payment option (-1,50 Euro advantage).

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